Kick the Habit: Working From Bed Should Not Be Your New Remote Work Trend

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives. One of the biggest changes has been the practice of working from home. Even as the pandemic may (hopefully) be nearing its end, working from home might be here to stay. In fact, the number of people who work from home could soon double.

As we’ve gotten used to staring at our laptops in our sweats all day, there are some things to consider. Namely, where in our home should we be working from? A lot of people like working from the comfort of their bed. After all, we spend so much time sleeping, reading and watching TV there, why not get some work done as well? But as tempting as it may sound, your bed may be the worst place to set up shop.

Working From Bed Hurts Your Health

Beds are designed to make you feel relaxed, supported, and ready for rest. They’re not designed for work or for prolonged periods of sitting up. You can hurt your health and well-being by trying to work in bed in ways you may not expect

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